Understanding New Modes of Urban Mobility

Do you remember the days when talking about sustainable transportation options really just meant you were having a conversation about carpooling? In fact car-pooling was the shared mobility choice. It became so popular that many television sitcoms had an episode where the parents would brave the trials and tribulations of carpooling. It made sense as a story line.  Television parents shoving three or more bratty children from different families into their car, with limited time, invariably would create a lot of comedic opportunities.

Well clearly, back in the real world, carpooling is still around and for good reasons. It can be a great way to save money, time and of course, it is a more sustainable transportation option than many. Interestingly, it is no longer the only alternative for the socially conscious urban commuter. In fact, if you were looking you may have noticed that the alternatives available for more responsible transportation have expanded significantly. The availability and increased accessibility of many of these options are a direct result of car sharing services such as like Carpingo.

Car Sharing

New York car sharing services, like Carpingo have forever changed the landscape of urban mobility. Urban commuters looking for more affordable and sustainable ways to share mobility can now access cars for short periods of time, at their convenience and bypass the hassle and expense of owning and servicing their own car. No more car payments, no more paying for expensive parking spots, no more oil changes and no more driving around wasting gas, looking for a gas station to fill up.

Not only is it economical but it is also a heck of a lot more sustainable. By choosing to use a car share service instead of owning a vehicle of one’s own, it reduces the number of unnecessary vehicles being produced. Also, because members of car share services like New York car share are able to access cars when and where they need them, it significantly reduces the amount of traffic and congestion created in the city.

How Car Sharing is Changing the Way We Park

Choosing sustainable transportation options is not just about what we drive but also about where we park. Although many efforts have been made recently to reduce the environmental impact of parking lots in our urban centers, (from designing high density parking complexes to creating smaller parking spots), the overall environmental impact of creating and maintaining hundreds of parking spots has remained significant. In fact, every time a new parking lot is created, more soot, sulfur and C02 is released into the atmosphere.

One of the benefits of car sharing is that it significantly reduces the number of cars needing to be parked. Less people driving means less people parking and less need for developers and companies to create heavily pollutant parking options.

Fewer Cars, More Bikers

Biking in large urban centers like New York City can be very intimidating. The sheer number of cars that pass you on any given block of the city is enough to intimidate even the most experienced of bikers. However, as more and more commuters are choosing sustainable commuting options such as car sharing, biking and walking, there are less and less motorized vehicles on the road – both driving and of course parked as well. This of course makes it increasingly safe for those commuting by bike.

Urban Mobility and the Changing Geography of Where People Live

As more and more people are taking seriously their responsibility as members of a shared society, they are looking carefully at all of the choices they make. From where they live to how they live, many people are starting to think about the options in a more holistic way. This allows them to consider options and alternatives they may not have considered before in a whole new light.

For example, according to The Rise of the Creative Class by Richard Florida, more people living in urban centres are opting to live closer to where they work. As one might expect, walking, biking and using transit for the majority of their transportation needs has become a lot more realistic option for these individuals. However, having access to a car share membership like Carpingo, can provide just the additional transportation support that these individuals require.

In years gone by, for many people living in urban centres, owning a car used to be a practical necessity. You needed to own a vehicle for the times you had to pick up a friend across town, or take those boxes to work, or even go for the afternoon to the beach. But times have changed and for many of you, having a car can now be more inconvenient than not. Luckily urban mobility has changed. For the times that you need a car, there are many more sustainable transportation options. Making its way to the top of the list is car sharing.

At Carpingo making sure urban commuters have affordable and sustainable transportation options is our top priority, If you would like to learn more about car sharing and how car sharing can work for you, we invite you to join our New York car share program.

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