Understanding New Modes of Urban Mobility

Do you remember the days when talking about sustainable transportation options really just meant you were having a conversation about carpooling? In fact car-pooling was the shared mobility choice. It became so popular that many television sitcoms had an episode … Continued

A Technical (and Travel) Revolution

Apps, maps and new technologies are changing the way Americans approach the open road. In fact, technical advancements and cutting edge innovations are making it easier for more Americans to drive less. Over the past decade, the Internet and mobile … Continued

Building a Greener New York

Sustainable building practices in the Big Apple Did you know that buildings are the biggest contributors of greenhouse gases in NYC? Since the city’s industry and transportation usages are proportionally small, it’s buildings that account for nearly 80 percent of … Continued

New York Car Share: A Natural Fit for Gen Y

Why we should all pay attention to the sharing habits of the younger generation What makes Millennials unique? Some say it’s their tech-savvy nature. Others insist it’s their unquenchable curiosity. At Carpingo, we think it has something to do with … Continued

Car Sharing is Taking the World by Storm

A look at how car sharing is changing transportation around the world. Remember when you were little and your parents stressed to you the importance of sharing? Whether it was splitting your snack with a friend or learning how to … Continued

Technology is Changing the Way We Travel

How digital technologies are improving the travel experience today Think back to the last vacation you had the pleasure of taking. Do you remember how you went about planning your getaway? If you’re like the average American traveler, chances are … Continued

Your Personal Vehicle is Impractical

 Drive less than 6,000 miles a year? It’s time to give up your keys.   How often do you need to drive your personal vehicle? Before you answer, think about your last three car outings. Did you really need to … Continued