Millennials Don’t Care About Cars

Whether you blame it on the economy, the environment, finances or even Facebook, one thing has become very clear over the past few years: young people don’t view driving in the same way as previous generations. Whatever way you choose … Continued

Policies for Sharable Cities

Cities are the epicenter of, well, everything. Vibrant communities, ongoing entertainment, exciting innovations – cities are where people gather, exchange ideas, and create change. In a city you’re surrounded by people, possibility, and potential. And that’s just the beginning.

A Fresh Take on Fuel Efficiency

It’s no secret that increased global oil demand and higher gasoline prices have become the norm nowadays. And while, for a long time, few people cared about how much gasoline they used (supplies seemed abundant and the cost per gallon … Continued

Brooklyn Car Sharing and Sustainable Cities

How car sharing is just one piece of the puzzle From transportation systems to urban sprawl, cities are constantly changing and evolving. It’s this intricacy that causes many cities to become unsustainable, inefficient, and detrimental to the natural environment. From … Continued