Why Do Gas Prices Go Up in the Summer?

When it comes to sticker shock, nothing quite tops the feeling of complete and utter disbelief that many of us experience when pulling up to the gas pump. Not a weekend goes by that the price doesn’t seem to skyrocket, … Continued

The Crazy Costs of Owning a Car in NYC

If we’ve said it once, we’ve said it 100 times – owning a car in New York City is costly. And we’re not talking $5-a-day latte costly; we mean $100-a-day parking expensive. Because when it comes to owning a car … Continued

10 Tips to Green Your Business

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To All Our Two Wheeling Friends

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Access to a Car Share Can Improve Your Life

Here at Carpingo, we’re big supporters of a reduced-car lifestyle. As advocates for cleaner air, safer streets and easier commutes, we strongly believe that Brooklynites need to approach their daily commute in a much more communal manner. By opting to … Continued

Welcome to the Connected Car

How connected is your car? It sounds like a strange question to ask, but now, after years of expensive, experimental trials, high-tech features are finding their way into mainstream automobiles more often. From safety and efficiency features to infotainment options, … Continued

Global Trends Impacting Travel Here at Home

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One is the Loneliest Number

If you’re like most Americans, chances are you have a pretty standard morning routine. You get up, hop (or drag yourself) into the shower, grab a coffee and set out on your morning commute. Just how you tackle that commute … Continued