To All Our Two Wheeling Friends

Move over car share members – New York City has a new love affair, and this time it’s on two wheels! If you’ve been out and about in one of our Brooklyn car share vehicle this month, chances are you’ve noticed quite a few cyclists making the rounds. That’s because May is Bike Month in the Big Apple, and people are pedaling all over the place in order to take advantage of the beautiful weather.

And we couldn’t be more impressed!  (more…)

Reimagining the Company Car

Years ago, a company car was regarded as a huge incentive towards taking a new job. But what about now? Today, rather than striving for big corporate offices, Millennials are bucking the big business trend, opting instead to adhere to an entrepreneurial lifestyle and open their own outfits. Once a status symbol, the company car is quickly becoming extinct. Now, instead of motoring around town on the boss’s dollar, self-employed individuals, especially those who freelance and consult, are trying to find a way to accommodate meetings all over town while at the same time actively reducing their dependency on a personal automobile.

Sounds like a job for a Brooklyn car share membership, doesn’t it? (more…)

Access to a Car Share Can Improve Your Life

Here at Carpingo, we’re big supporters of a reduced-car lifestyle. As advocates for cleaner air, safer streets and easier commutes, we strongly believe that Brooklynites need to approach their daily commute in a much more communal manner. By opting to share a car with other likeminded community members, our Carpingo customer aren’t just cutting down on their commuting costs, they’re also helping to improve driving conditions for everyone in the Big Apple.

But that’s just one side of the coin.

Here at Carpingo, we’re also big advocates of affordable, accessible transportation. Owning a car – especially when you live in New York City – isn’t cheap. That’s why a large proportion of the city’s population sticks to public transportation; the costs of owning a car just isn’t something they can realistically manage. (more…)

Welcome to the Connected Car

How connected is your car?

It sounds like a strange question to ask, but now, after years of expensive, experimental trials, high-tech features are finding their way into mainstream automobiles more often. From safety and efficiency features to infotainment options, technology plays an increasingly important role in on-road transportation. But just what does it mean to drive a “connected” car, and just how connected are the vehicles in our Brooklyn car share fleet? The automotive experts here at Carpingo did a little digging in order to find more information. (more…)

Global Trends Impacting Travel Here at Home

Last year, the travel and tourism industry was shaped and defined by geopolitical events and massive mobile technology improvements. But what will be the driving factor behind travel in 2014?

It’s an interesting question, and one that plays an important factor in our day-to-day operations here at Carpingo. Believe it or not, even though we’re very much a Brooklyn car share company, international travel trends and activities have a filter down effect on how we operate our business. From new tech to improved design, we pay close attention to what’s hot (and what’s not) in the wonderful world of travel.

The following are a few of the trends we’re tracking right now. (more…)

Imagining the Car-Less City

Crowded infrastructure, murky traffic and billowing clouds of pollution. These are all issues that the modern city dweller has come to expect when they walk outside their front door. But what if there was a way to change this side effect of urban life? What if, instead of focusing on drivable cities, urban planners and city officials decided to do something drastic? Could a car share community become the standard in a city built with the intention of completely eliminating personal transportation?

That’s right, we’re talking about the creation of a car-less city. The idea of banning, or at least reducing, the use of personal automobiles and promoting more environmentally friendly and efficient modes of transportation might seem a bit extreme, but not when you consider how many people already subscribe to a car share community. Countless studies and reports have made it clear: our love affair with the automobile is no longer a defining aspect of our lives. Working towards a car-less community is thus the natural progression… one that many major city centers are already eagerly exploring. (more…)

One is the Loneliest Number

If you’re like most Americans, chances are you have a pretty standard morning routine. You get up, hop (or drag yourself) into the shower, grab a coffee and set out on your morning commute. Just how you tackle that commute though, depends a lot on your age. While studies show that younger Americans are far less dependent on personal vehicles, the vast majority of middle-aged workers still conquer the concrete from behind the wheel of their own car.

What’s more, about 76 percent of those American commute to work alone, according to the Census’ recent American Community Survey.

Carpooling came in a distant second, locking down just 10 percent of the commuter pool, while transit accounted for roughly 5 percent. And cycling? Bike lanes across the country appear to be underutilized, with just 1 percent of commuters stating that they prefer two wheels instead of four. (more…)

Car Sharing and its Impact on Car Sales

You can’t have supply without demand.

Unfortunately, that’s spelling disaster for many foreign and domestic car manufacturers. According to a report from the consulting firm Alix Partners, for each and every vehicle in a car sharing program, car manufactures are losing 32 vehicle sales.

As we’ve long suspected here at our Brooklyn car share, communal vehicle usage isn’t just on the rise – it’s changing the very fabric of our commuting culture.  (more…)

Accessibility: The New Marker of Urban Mobility

Frustrated by your daily commute? Tired of finding yourself trapped in traffic with nowhere to go? Well, you’re not alone. Every year, the Texas A&M Transportation Institute releases an Urban Mobility Report that measures congestion on the nation’s top roads. Based on data from transponders on millions of moving vehicles, the rankings confirm year in and year out that commuting in New York is no laughing matter.

Landing firmly in the number four spot, New York’s congestion rankings were bested only by Washington D.C., Los Angeles/Long Beach/ Santa Ana, and the San Francisco/Oakland area.

But is this report really as useful as it claims to be? Designed to report on the central cost of mobility – the price of sitting in traffic – the Texas A&M study neglects to look at the flipside of the coin: the value commuters get from various transportation networks. (more…)

What’s Next For the Sharing Economy?

It goes without saying that 2013 was the year of sharing. From co-working spaces to Brooklyn car share memberships, 2013 was the year people reassessed their need for worldly possessions and began the shift to more collaborative and communal living approaches.

Over the past year, the sharing economy has grown dramatically thanks in part to a revolution in digital infrastructure and an increase in peer-to-peer interaction. What’s more, there is a growing number of people all over the world who are dedicated living smarter – citizens and communities are really starting to respond to things like knowledge and resource sharing, collaborative business models and environmental policies. (more…)