Carpingo letter to New York City’s incoming Mayor Bill de Blasio

New York City has elected a new Mayor, Democrat Bill de Blasio who hails from Park Slope, Brooklyn as the first New York City Mayor to come from Brooklyn in over a generation. Living in Park Slope, Brooklyn, and Mayor elect Bill de Blasio resides in a community that is highly engaged in use of car share/ hourly car rental services. Park Slope is home to Carpingo as well as all of four New York City car share, hourly car rental companies.  Residents of Park Slope Brooklyn as well as other neighborhoods in Greenpoint, Williamsburg, Boro Park, Dumbo, have come to realize that owning a car is not what it used to be. While the American dream may very well be ownership of a house, a picket fence and dog, todays New York City residents realize that owning a car is not everything that one expects as we pass our road tests and receive our New York State driver license.

I encourage our new Mayor to address the concept of car share, hourly car rental as one of his priorities in the administration. Mr. de Blasio has set an aggressive progressive agenda calling for many changes in the manner and tone of New York City. Mayor elect de Blasio has called for elimination of the horse and buggy industry around Central Park in midtown Manhattan in his belief the service is inhumane to the horses who must traverse our busy Manhattan streets surrounded by cars, vans and the variants of the weather.


Traffic congestation and pollution are significant quality of life considerations the new Mayor should address as well. New York City instituted a bike share program last year after some delays due to Hurricane Sandy and other technical difficulties. The bike share program has proven to have a positive impact on quality of life and the environment. In the same vain, car share services such as Carpingo have provided residents of Brooklyn and Queens the ability to give up car ownership and rent a car when they need the use of a car, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, when and for how long they want the car. No longer are people in need of a rental car required to visit the local rent a car office and rent or return the car during the hours the car rental company is open. Car share services such as Carpingo are available all day and all night. Members of the car share companies in New York City are able to rent the cars for as little as an hour with rates varying by time of rental as rentals during the day are higher than those rented in the overnight hours.


One of the impediments to growth of the car share, hourly car rental services in neighborhoods such as Park Slope, Williamsburg, Greenpoint, is the denial of access to parking garages for placement of car share vehicles. New York City is home to hundreds of parking lots with tens of thousands of parking spaces available for monthly rentals. As a result of the downturn in the economy, the high cost of gas, insurance and other factors, there are fewer cars on the streets of Brooklyn and elsewhere in New York City driving around and using parking garages. However most of the parking garage companies in New York City have signed exclusive parking deals with Zipcar which prohibit any of the other car share, hourly car rental companies in New York City to park in the garages.


When a consumer enters a shopping mall, they see many competing stores offering the same items for sale, such as shoes or clothing. The lack of competition and availability of car share company vehicles in the many neighborhoods of Brooklyn, Queens and the Bronx impacts the residents and citizens of New York City. The lack of access to Carpingo and other such companies keeps pricing higher and restricts availability. Moreover, those Brooklyn or Queens residents who would otherwise consider giving up car ownership and relying on car share services are limited in their choice or outright denied the ability to shop, compare and save.


In speaking as a business manager in general and a car share, hourly car rental company operator, I would suggest to our incoming Mayor, Bill de Blasio, to consider addressing the lack of competition in the car share market. The Mayor of New York City has tremendous resources available to him from the various agencies and departments he controls as well as the access to the media and the bully pulpit of the office of Mayor of New York City. I urge our incoming New York City Mayor to bring attention to the lack of parking access for car share companies in the parking garages of New York City. The Mayor should demand access to all companies as increased car share use by residents of Brooklyn, Queens and Manhattan will reduce cars on the streets, reduce traffic congestion, reduce the environmental gasses emitted from cars as car share and hourly car rental companies are able to achieve such benefits in pooling cars rather than have many cars owned by many New York City residents which are not used often.


We are looking forward to your new administration Mr. Bill de Blasio and are grateful for all your support of business, the environment and Brooklyn. We realize that running the City of New York will take much time, resources and energy and hope that you can give some thought and consideration on behalf of the drivers in Brooklyn, Queens and elsewhere looking to save money on car ownership and help expand the access to car share and hourly car rental for Carpingo car share members and those of all car share and hourly car rental services. Everyone will benefit as our air will be cleaner and our streets less congested.


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