Car Sharing: Shaping the Developing World On Trip at a Time

If you’re reading this post right now, chances are good you’re somewhat familiar with our Brooklyn car share service. Quick, convenient and affordable, our car share memberships make it easy for urbanites like yourself to get from one end of the city to another.

But that’s not all that car sharing is good for.

In fact, car sharing services are taking the world by storm, especially in the developing world. Designed to provide members with access to vehicles on an hourly basis, car sharing makes it easy for commuters to enjoy the many benefits of a personal vehicle, without the hassle and expense that comes along with owning one. This alone makes the model a prime candidate for improved travel in lesser known areas of world. Curious as to how a Brooklyn car share service would work somewhere overseas? The following breakdown takes a look at home sharing is shaping the way people commute all over the world.

Where is Car Sharing Taking Place?

While car sharing is far more common in North America and European nations, it’s a trend that’s starting to catch on in dozens of underdeveloped countries. In the past three years, Central and South America have welcomed five new car sharing operations, while Turkey has seen three different services set up shop. China has also hopped on the sharing bandwagon, currently offering two car share services, while India recently announce their first car share provider.

Here’s a closer look at some more specific examples from different geographical locations:

  • Brazil
    Rio de Janeiro became the first city in South America to offer a similar sharing operation to Carpingo’s Brooklyn car share service. The company, which was called Zazcar is still in operation, along with two other competing providers: GlubGT and Vamos.
  • Mexico
    Just as our Brooklyn car share service flourished with help from the Bloomberg administration, car sharing in Mexico benefited from early support from local governments. This has enabled the countries various providers to easily position themselves as a viable alternative to public transportation.
  • Turkey
    Fleet sizes may be small in this country (ranging from two to five vehicles in most cases), that’s not stopping car sharing from becoming a popular option for urban travelers. There are currently three different car sharing operators in Istanbul, with a fourth one on the way.
  • India
    A local NGO was the first organization to test the car sharing concept in crowded Delhi. Launched in partnership with a car manufacturer under the moniker “Rent-a-Reva” this project featured four electric car share vehicles. The scheme was abandoned after the partnership fell apart prematurely; however, a private company called Zoom is planning to operate a full fleet in the city.
  • China

While car sharing is just now starting to take off in China, chauffeur-driven cars have long been the rage. In order to diversify their service offerings, many of these driver-for-hire businesses have started to offer hourly car sharing as part of their repertoire. Service providers include eHi and the Yongche car share in Beijing.

More Research into Car Sharing’s Reach

In order to better understand the scope and implications of car sharing services across southern Asia, EMBARQ India, a company dedicated to sustainable transportation solutions, funded a study throughout major metropolitan markets. Through a series of interviews, EMBARQ was able to capture a number of different opinions on the topic. Ultimately, the study found that, while both China and India are investigating car sharing services, the two countries appear to be at different points on the adoption scale. While Chinese urbanites appear to be accepting the concept, much like our own Brooklyn car share service customers here at home, residents in Mumbai are still a bit skeptical. What’s more, Chinese car share participants are using the service more as a feeder for public transportation, rather than an alternative mode of travel.

Car sharing is certainly becoming a viable option for travelers both near and far. A great alternative to public transportation and taxi services, car sharing provides travelers with plenty of benefits but very few hassles. Could it be the preferred mode of transport for travelers the world over? Only time will tell. In the meantime, why not join the sharing wave right here at home and apply to our Brooklyn car share service? Our fleet of vehicles is ready and waiting to serve you – all you have to do is sign up, sign in, reserve your vehicle and drive away!

Review our Brooklyn car share membership options today and join the travel trend that’s taking the world by storm!

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