Landing on Boardwalk: New York’s $1 Million Parking Spots

Empty parkingWe’ve all been there when playing Monopoly: you want the Boardwalk spot to gain the luxury and prestige – as well as the income – but whether or not you can afford it is a different story. Fortunately, with your New York car share service you won’t have to worry about paying for yearly Boardwalk parking. As one of the top 9 most expensive cities in the world in which to park, monthly rates can put car expenses through the roof.

New York’s million dollar parking spot just boosted parking spot prices even higher. Surprisingly, though, New York is the lowest on the list of most expensive places to park. After reading about these costly spots and cities, you’ll be thrilled to avoid annual parking fees in your New York car share service.

42 Crosby Street

Despite having the lowest parking rates on the list, New York now hosts some of the most expensive spots in the world. The condo development at 42 Crosby Street in SoHo will be home to 10 parking spots that will be as large as 200 square feet and with rates as exorbitant as $1 million. Each square foot of space will cost roughly $5,000 to $6,666. Despite the costly price tag, residents of the building won’t own their spots. Each spot will be licensed to the leasing resident for a period of 99 years, and they will be responsible for selling their spots in case of a move.

Each spot will be large enough to allow for storage and will offer electric charge stations. Landing on Boardwalk certainly comes with its perks!

Parking in New York

Parking in New York City is infamous for being tough to find, and pricey once you’ve found it. Residents of New York City have gotten used to parking and then walking several blocks to get to their destination, only to come back to a weighty parking fee. In fact, apps have been invented to solve this problem. PrimoSpot, Can I Park Here?, SpotHero, and will help any driver find the cheapest spot with the best location. When you use Carpingo’s New York car share service, download one of these apps to help find the most affordable spot for you.

Though you won’t have to worry about monthly parking with your New York car share service, you may be interested to see the extreme rates that car owners deal with in New York. Monthly rates in the city that never sleeps reach as high as an average of $538. Daily parking rates range up to an average of $40. Downloading the apps mentioned above will go a long way to reduce your daily parking rates when you use New York car share service.

Most expensive cities to park in

After hearing about those rates, it may be tough to believe that New York actually isn’t top of the list of most expensive cities in which to park. In fact, it’s at the bottom of the list of top 9. Also in the $500 range of parking is Brussels in Belgium at $555 monthly average. In 7th and 6th are two Australian cities – Perth at $568 a month, and Sydney at $596 a month.

Coming in at 5th on the list of expensive cities to park in is Zurich, Switzerland at $611 a month. Rome, Italy is only slightly higher than Zurich at $620 per month on average. Tokyo, Japan is the last city within the $600 price range and the first one in the Eastern hemisphere at $659 a month on average.

Second place on the list for most expensive cities to park in is Hong Kong at $751 a month. Compared to the $2100 average rent per month, adding another $751 is quite steep. By comparison, New York City seems affordable for your New York car share service.

And the winner is…

The most expensive city in the world to park in takes average monthly parking almost $200 higher than Hong Kong. Drumroll, please!

And London, England takes the cake with average monthly parking rates of $940.

London is known for its costly living expenses. Knightsbridge, an area of London, charges as much as 350,000 pounds per year for residential parking, which is roughly $600,000 USD. Added to the approximately 531 pound per week rent costs, this shows how expensive the capital of Britain has become.

Avoid the monthly parking traps and opt for New York car share services instead. Carpingo offers affordable and reliable New York care share service to help you navigate the Big Apple without breaking the budget.

Protect Your Child From Forgetfulness: The Dangers of Cars and Heat

Luxury baby car seat for safety with happy kidAs a parent, you probably know about the ease with which forgetfulness and absentmindedness can arise. With so many things to remember, and multiple schedules to follow, it’s easy to get everything mixed up every once in a while. It may come as a shock to you, however, that experts are now saying that this absentmindedness can be the accidental killer of children in overheated or freezing cars. Despite popular belief, hypothermia related deaths are not always the consequence of malicious neglect or homicidal intentions.

Fortunately, there are precautions you can take to make sure you don’t have this problem when using your New York car share service. Learn more about these tragedies so that you can be an active player in preventing them from continuing. With 37 heat stroke related deaths each year of children being left in cars, and approximately 26 reported having occurred in 2014 alone, it’s time that community prevention begins. Read on to find out how you can contribute.

Malicious vs. absentmindedness

There have been some counts of malicious intention in the past of parents who have neglected their child, or else purposely left their child to die. The most extreme case of this was Justin Ross Harris, who this past summer was charged with murder of his 22-month-old son, Cooper. All evidence pointed toward Harris’s attempt at murder, including evidence of his research to find out how many hours it would take for a child to die of heat related hypothermia. Cooper was left in the car for 7 hours in temperatures that had reached the 80s.

While this may be an extreme example, there are many more cases of parents simply forgetting that their child is in the car. You may be thinking that it is impossible for a loving parent to do such a thing. But researchers have found that interruptions in a daily routine, among other reasons, can be the cause of absentmindedness. The parent continues with his or her day, believing that the child is already at daycare or school.

Experts call this the “reptilian” brain taking over, and say it can happen to even the most loving and attentive of parents. There isn’t a specific profile for the types of people who fall victim to this – parents of any background, class, race, or sex can become absentminded with the trip up in routine.

Tips for prevention

The first, most effective thing you can do to prevent any absentmindedness on your part is to talk to your child constantly while in your New York car share service. This will be the perfect reminder that you are not alone, and that your daily routine is not continuing. Even if your child can’t talk yet, you can take this as a great time to work on talking with them. Or, try playing kids music and singing along with it for your child’s entertainment. Make sure to regularly check in the rear view mirror, as well, to remind yourself that your child is in the back of your New York car share service.

If you’re concerned, you can also text yourself a reminder when you get into your New York car share service. Leave the message unread, so that the notification will help you remember why you texted yourself in the first place.

If you see another child left alone in the car, it may be time to take action. We all want to assume the best from a parent, and excuse away children being left in the car by thinking they’ve only been there for a minute or two. Sometimes we even tell ourselves that it isn’t our business. Assuage your doubts by waiting to see if the parent comes back out. If no one arrives within five minutes, it’s time to call the police. This doesn’t mean you’re assuming the parent has left their child on purpose – perhaps the parent is a victim of their absentminded reptilian brain. If that’s the case, they will be happy that you’ve saved their child from either overheating or freezing. If it is a cause of neglect or malicious intent, then you’ve saved that child from a harmful home.

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How Viable Are Electric Cars Really?

Hybrid carThe year 2014 has been an exciting time in the automobile industry, and it’s only about to get even more thrilling. The race is on to find the greenest, cleanest, most efficient vehicle possible. Electric cars have quickly become a buzzword, and car companies have slowly but surely started to pounce on it. But as with any new technology, electric cars have their fair share of skeptics who are working against this new stage in transportation progress.

At Carpingo New York car share service, we find this debate fascinating because the winner truly can decide which way the automobile industry will turn – biofuel, electric, traditional? It’s up in the air. But we know that something’s gotta give – there’s no question about the fact that traditional fuel supplies are no longer a viable option. Now, it’s a question of which alternative is viable. What new technology will make our New York car share service even greener? In this article, we pick up the question of electric cars, and ask ourselves, how viable are electric cars really?

What makes a good electric car?

One of the most important things in creating a viable electric car is reducing the weight of the vehicle. Smaller vehicles will create less resistance so they can overcome inertia without using a large amount of energy, in the same way that you can reduce resistance with your New York car share service through efficient driving. Basically, the vehicle needs to be energy efficient, so that whatever energy supplies it has lasts as long as possible.

With energy efficiency comes reduced emissions. If you’re encouraging an energy supply to last, then it will pump out a smaller amount of pollution to the environment each time you drive your car.

What are the pros of electric cars?

Beyond the qualities mentioned above that make a good electric car, there are tons of other benefits that buyers will enjoy. First, electric cars are naturally quieter. This is particularly important in a place like New York where noise pollution is so potent a problem. The cars drive much more smoothly and quickly as well.

Electric cars also have fewer monthly costs. You won’t need to worry about paying for fuel when all you need to do is plug in at home. As an even bigger benefit, electric cars are constantly improving. As more and more renewable resources for electricity make appearances on the market, even electric cars have the opportunity to become more energy efficient and environmentally friendly.

What are the cons of electric cars?

Despite the myriad pros of electric cars, there are still a few important cons with this new technology. The first is that electric cars take a long time to refuel. Electric cars also don’t have a large enough travel range.

The most important flaw with electric cars, though, is the lack of consumer demand. At this point, electric cars haven’t hit the forefront of the market. There are too many skeptics about the flaws in their design that have yet to be worked out, and because of it, sales aren’t high enough to reduce the costs of the vehicles. Current electric cars are far too expensive to be realistic for most people. Electric cars range from $30,000 – $100,000, with the Tesla taking the cake for most expensive car.

The Nissan Leaf is another car that is making waves in the electric car industry. This 2013 car reached a great range of 124 miles.

Are electric cars viable?

Electric cars, following some more improvements, will one day become the viable option on the market. Until then however, electric car companies need to make some significant improvements to the range of the vehicles and charging stations need to be more readily available before electric cars will be a consumer choice. The electric car’s time is coming up soon, but it’s not quite here yet. For now keep to your New York car share service to maintain green transportation.

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Helping the Big Apple Stay Green with Your NYC Driving

Fresh Green Apple IllustrationPollution has become a major issue in a new environmentally conscious society. Keeping our planet clean has become the number 1 issue for many people, and rightfully so! At the forefront of this issue is the quest to find ways to make transportation more environmentally friendly. Fortunately, using a New York car share service is already a great step in the direction of being more environmentally conscious. If you want to boost your eco-friendly status, and help reduce the amount of emissions your New York car share service is giving off, here are couple of tips from Carpingo to help you driver greener and cleaner.

The benefits of car sharing

Car sharing, as mentioned, will already dramatically boost your eco-friendly status. Taking part in a New York car share service seriously reduces the number of cars on the road that are pumping out emissions. Car sharing is a great way to get the benefits of having a vehicle, without paying the exorbitant costs that come with it, while also reducing how large your carbon footprint is. Talk about a win-win situation!


If you’re taking out a New York car share service, why not share the convenience? Are you taking your car around for work, or other errands that friends could also have to do? Why not carpool? Talk to coworkers or friends who may need to engage in the same activities as you, and share the car with them. This can save you money, too, as they can pitch for the fees.

Overcome inertia

Let’s face it – most of us don’t remember grade school science, and even fewer of us link it to our every day lives. But some basic science can really help in our daily lives and inertia is one of those principles that apply to your driving habits. Inertia is the reason that speeding and braking suddenly, only to quickly accelerate again causes your fuel economy to be severely reduced. You are making it more difficult for your car to overcome inertia, or the resistance your vehicle faces while in motion. Slamming on the brakes at a light will increase the amount of inertia your New York car share service faces in order to stop and then start back up again. This driving technique also reduces your fuel efficiency by as much as 33 percent.

To help your car out a bit, begin slowing your car down when you see the traffic light ahead is yellow. If you’re in luck, you may even reach the light after it turns green again, and be able to continue accelerating without forcing your car to overcome a great level of resistance.

Avoid heavy cars and heavier loads

A car that weighs more is going to use up more fuel than a car that is smaller, more streamlined, and lighter. Most people who want to go for fuel efficiency opt for sedans or hatchbacks, rather than SUVs. When you’re looking at your New York car share service, opt for a sedan if your errands allow for it.

It’s also a good idea to keep your trunk load as light as possible. For every 100 pounds added to your trunk is a 2 percent loss of fuel efficiency.

Telecommuting and the 4-day workweek

With the advent of the Internet for every day use, telecommuting has become a more real option for office employees. If your job has aspects that don’t need to be completed in house, why not talk to your boss about telecommuting from time to time? Not only will you save yourself time, but also you’ll seriously reduce your fuel emissions.

More and more office buildings are realizing the benefits of telecommute and are opting for the 4-day workweek for their staff. In some cases, this means four 10 hour days and one day off, or four days and one telecommute day a week. These systems can cut down pollution by 20 percent.

Cut back on pollution and increase your efficiency with New York car share service from Carpingo.

Five ways Carpingo can help you with your errands

It’s something you only see in New York — people carrying eight bags for ten blocks, or even on the subway, because we don’t have a car trunk like every other person in America. Stop the madness! Hourly rates for Carpingo mean that you can use a car share for more than just day trips. The next time you have some errands to do, reserve a car from us, and the whole thing will be a lot less painful.

640px-Ikea_Red_Hook_bollards_jehModular furniture and meatballs | via Wikipedia

Bring home your Ikea furniture the day of, instead of waiting around for delivery or splurging on shipping costs. Also, buy as many heavy bookshelves and bed frames as you want, without worrying about how much you can reasonably carry with you on the ferry.

KONICA MINOLTA DIGITAL CAMERAGrand Army Plaza Greenmarket | via

Buy the farm at the Grand Army Plaza Greenmarket—seriously, the whole farm. Whether you’re hosting a big dinner party or just stocking up on fresh meats and produce, it’s a lot easier to buy big if you’ve got a set of wheels to carry it all home.

7754724264_2ea077390a_zYou don’t have to be in college to buy by the keg | Didriks via Flickr

Pick up provisions for your party at Carousel Beverages in Gowanus, a beer distribution garage that’s open to the public. This is the place to buy big amounts of brews wholesale, whether you need a few cases or a keg. You’ll save money, and it’s a hell of a lot easier than lugging a bunch of six-packs from your local bodega.

4835667883_34293ba1c2_zA rare slow day at Costco | Joel via Flickr

Stock up at Costco in Sunset Park. Let’s face it: If you’re going to this wholesale behemoth, you’re going to buy the biggest jars and multi-packs of everything on your shopping list. Rent a van or an SUV and go for broke (without actually, y’know, going broke.)

Lowes-Gowanus-interiorYou may need a car just to get across the store | via Wikipedia

Go on a do-it-yourself spree at Lowe’s or Home Depot. You may not be able to cart home a fridge yourself, but if you’re looking to repaint your apartment, retile your bathroom, or just finally get started on those shelves you’ve been meaning to build, a trunk to cart it all home will take you a long way.

Got stuff to do? Let Carpingo do the heavy lifting!

Helsinki’s Car-Free Dream

Uspensky cathedral in Helsinki, FinlandHelsinki has big ideas when it comes to car ownership over the next decade. In 2014, the city announced its plans to build a transit system that, in theory, will eliminate the need for residents to have a car.

People may choose to keep a car for their trips to the countryside, which is a popular endeavor. However, within most of their daily life, a car will not be necessary, even for things like getting groceries. This will involve an extensive public transportation network as well as car sharing services, similar to a New York car share service like you will find right here in the city.


Gasoline Volume Sales Are Down: Car Sharing For the Win!

iStock_000004341760SmallIt is no secret that Americans love their cars and we rely on gas to get around. Most cars today use gas as fuel, although there are a few that are hybrid or electric. Recent estimates from the Department of Energy’s Energy Information Administration show that gas sales may be down over the last few quarters. Part of the reason for this may be that a New York car share community has been established to help people save on personal gas consumption and instead share a car with other users.


Why Free Parking is a Problem

HiResIn many areas of the country, free parking is common. But in New York City, parking will cost you an arm and a leg if you are not lucky enough to find it for free. Even when it is free, there are usually a number of conditions attached. For example, you may need to move your car during certain hours or switch sides of the street at a specific time. This is where a Brooklyn car share community can be beneficial because of the dedicated parking spots for cars around the city.


Are You Addicted to Your Car?

i love my new car. beautiful young woman holding her carThere is no doubt that Americans are addicted to cars. Cars have been part of American households since Henry Ford started making them affordable for the average family (as long as they didn’t mind the color black). Even in urban areas, few people who can afford a car and the associated costs figure out just exactly how much they are spending.

The convenience of owning a car and having the freedom to use it outweighs the costs. However, in recent years, a new option has been available. A New York car share service offers an alternative to owning or renting a car, and instead offers flexibility for short trips.


A brief history of Carpingo, Brooklyn’s car sharing service

l-carpingo-brooklynThe 2012 launch of Carpingo, with (left to right) Brooklyn Chamber of Commerce president
Carlo Scissura, Assemblyman Alan Maisel, Carpingo CEO Gil Cygler, and Brooklyn borough
president Marty Markowitz.  |

Lifelong Brooklynite Gil Cygler had been running AllCar Rent-a-Car for three decades when he decided to branch out into the burgeoning car-sharing market. So in 2012 he launched Carpingo, a locally owned company with a fleet of cars operating out of 12 locations in Brooklyn. Two years ago this month, Carpingo held a kickoff ceremony in the shadow of Borough Hall that featured a ribbon-cutting by Borough President Marty Markowitz. You can’t get much more Brooklyn than that.

Though car sharing has become a major component in the way that city dwellers the world over get around, there are surprisingly few locally run companies out there. Since its launch, Carpingo has expanded to include many more car pickup spots in Brooklyn, as well as a few in Long Island City in Queens. To date, Carpingo is the only locally run car-sharing service in all of New York City.

These days, the way to join is still simple: Pick a membership plan, pay as little as $6.50 per hour to rent a car, and your gas and insurance—up to 180 miles per day— is taken care of. Click here to find out more.