Why Car Sharers Love Williamsburg

New York is filled with so many hidden gems that you could live in the city for decades without finding all of them. Fortunately, Williamsburg hasn’t needed to wait so long to gain popularity. This little borough in Brooklyn is quickly earning the love of New Yorkers and visitors alike, and finding itself the hotspot of patrons of more than one New York car sharing service.

But what’s so great about this New York car sharing service getaway? Carpingo wanted to find out, so we looked into the destinations around this New York borough. After just a little bit of research, we began to realize why so many New Yorkers love this neighborhood! And soon you will too. Read on to discover why you should take your New York car sharing service to Williamsburg.

Hotspot for New York car sharing service

Statistics have shown that since autumn of 2014, Williamsburg has been the Number 1 visiting spot for users of the New York car sharing service. This beats out even Barclays Center and Prospect Park. It seems there’s a mass exodus of people fleeing the heart of New York whenever possible to hideaway in this little borough.

Restaurants in Williamsburg

If you’re looking for top-notch gastropub food in an adorably cozy setting, look no further than Allswell. With delicious dishes like roasted lamb and smaller bites like smoked-trout spread combined with gorgeous greens, you’ll be salivating just looking over the menu. Wash the meal down with one of their small-production wines, craft beers, or original cocktails. Nothing completes the experience more than the retro décor: Vintage wallpaper, hunting-horn sconces and chandeliers, and a sturdy reclaimed pine bar.

If you’ve got a little more money to spend, then you definitely need to check out Peter Luger. This incredibly elegant and cozy combination restaurant is adorned with worn wood tables and floors, dark wood paneled walls, and a wall of windows to let the light in. Waiters adorned in bow ties and waistcoats deliver the delectable dishes that will make you wish you could eat here nightly.

Marlow and Sons is a classic in Williamsburg. Founded in 2004, this little restaurant brings in an eclectic crowd for its rustic, homey feel. If you like fresh seafood and strong drinks, then you certainly won’t want to miss Marlow and Sons. Make sure you have a designated driver for your New York car sharing service if you visit this neighborhood favorite. Coffee shop by day, restaurant by night, you’ll soon feel the strong community vibe.

Shopping in Williamsburg

Who doesn’t love shopping? Especially in cute local shops, wandering the streets to explore the goods – even if it’s just window shopping! – has a relaxing, calming effect. And Williamsburg certainly has some must-see shops.

Brooklyn Charm is the place to go if you’re looking for unique, handmade jewelry to accent your wardrobe. Tracie Howarth opened this little shop in Williamsburg after becoming a hugely popular Etsy seller. With a variety of pendants and gems, ranging from rhinestone to vintage, there’s something for everyone. Howarth even offers jewelry-making for the DIY-er.

Rough Trade NYC is a welcome addition to Williamsburg. Originally a London, UK store, this shop specializes in indie music. Find everything you’re looking for and more at this music emporium. Check their website in advance for a schedule of in-store shows.

Shows in Williamsburg

Williamsburg is known for indie music and a hip, younger crowd. If you’re interested in taking your New York car sharing service to see a few live shows, check out the Music Hall of Williamsburg. The Music Hall is a hotspot for Indie performers, so it’s unlikely you’ll be finding any Top 40s here.

Union Pool is another great spot for live music. With a gorgeous courtyard for warm summer nights, and tin walls, this is a unique spot you won’t be able to keep away from.

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How to Keep You and Your Car Share Safe in NYC Lots

Space in New York City isn’t exactly in abundance. If you’re a lover of Carpingo’s New York car sharing service, then you’ve already embraced the behaviors that come with a compacted city. Parking is expensive and tough to find, which makes car ownership unreasonable. However, if you’re engaging in New York car sharing service, then you can’t always escape parking lots.

Unfortunately, you’ll have to come to terms with using parking lots, but you also need to make sure that you keep your New York car sharing service safe in the lots. Carpingo has some tips for you to stay safe and damage-free.

Find your lot in advance

The best thing you can do is to find your parking lot in advance before you go out driving. There are apps that can help you find the cheapest parking in your vicinity. You can use these to look up lots and spots close to where you’re going to avoid driving around aimlessly. Not planning parking can also put you at risk of dangerous lots or of getting a parking lot that will charge exorbitant prices.

Choosing your lot type

One of the decisions you need to make is to pick an open spot or a sheltered garage. There are benefits and risks to both.

Open spots put your New York car sharing service in the hands of the weather. If a hailstorm starts while you’re in the grocery store, the vehicle is going to get pretty badly damaged. At the same time, open lots can be cheaper than closed in garages, and you can avoid the problem of a valet. You’ll just want to double check the weather and that you’ve closed all of your windows!

Sheltered garages are going to protect your vehicle from the weather, and are less at risk of car theft. Closed garages bring the threat of dents, bumper damage, and scratches. Closed parking garages also carry the additional risk of valets and parking attendants napping or eating in your vehicle.

Tip your valet

If you want to keep your car safe, the most important thing you can do is spare a few dollars and tip your valet. Just a few dollars will go a long way to gaining you a positive reputation with your valet, and will stop them from bumping your car against others or against walls.

Don’t leave valuables in the car

Most valets are fairly trustworthy people, but on the off-chance that you get a valet who isn’t exactly satisfied with the low wage parking attendants make, you need to keep your valuables safe. Thefts in car parks are rarely reported, and often go uncharged because of the difficulty in proving the identity of the thief.

Valets have the keys to dozens or hundreds of vehicles are confronted with the temptation to nab a little cash or expensive sunglasses from a few of the vehicles. Don’t keep valuables in your New York car share service if you want to avoid the risk of theft. Leave them at home or bring them with you.

Look up reviews

When you’re hunting for parking lots on your apps, look up reviews at the same time. Looking up reviews of parking lots is just as important as reviews for restaurants and hotels. Chances are you’ll find reviews that warn against parking lots with thieving valets, lots that are more likely to bring damage, and those that ramp the prices up. 

Vehicle inspections before and after

Before you leave your vehicle in the parking garage, make sure to check over your New York car share service for any dents or scratches that are pre-existing on the vehicle. Once you pick up your vehicle, do another inspection of your vehicle for damages. Any damages that come from the valet should be reported and paid for by the parking garage.

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The Government Goes Green with GSA Car-Sharing

logo_gsa_1There’s something new and hot with New York car sharing that’s starting to make waves among government employees. Right now, eco-friendly, cost-effective, traffic-reducing government initiatives are at a peak with the brand new GSA car-sharing pilot program. At Carpingo, we’ve always known that New York car sharing can do wonders for improving the lives of thousands of Americans. That’s certainly no secret with our customers. Now the government has decided to join the community of Americans who are saving money and reducing pollution with New York car sharing. We couldn’t be more thrilled!

This exciting initiative began in October and will run for a full year in pilot phase to check the efficiency. So why is Carpingo so excited? Where do we begin!


Big Time Savings with New York Car Sharing

Savings concept.Living in the Big Apple isn’t the most affordable lifestyle. Try as you might, most New Yorkers find that their usual budget has to swell up a bit to allow for the extra expenses of living in the City. Though there is innumerable benefits for making New York City our home, at Carpingo we also know that travel in this city isn’t exactly cheap. Most New Yorkers opt for public transit options such as cabs, subways, and buses to avoid the cost and hassle of owning a car in the city. The parking alone is simply unaffordable for most people.

There are times, though, when the usual public transit just won’t cut it. Sometimes, you just need a car on your side. New York car sharing can assist your travel plans without breaking the budget. If you want big time savings without leaving the Big Apple, Carpingo’s New York car sharing service can help you out. Here’s how our New York car sharing can save you money this year.


Call it Classic – the Retro Trend in Auto

Vintage white bridal carNew York car sharing isn’t the only trend in the auto world that is starting to pick up speed. Classic cars are experiencing a come back in auto trend. Classic cars have found their niche in the New York and worldwide auto industry for those who are willing to put the work into their vehicles. If you’re a car lover, then this new fad will have you excited about what’s to come in the world of cars. More and more exhibits and classic car shows have begun popping up all over North America to show off the beautiful history of automobiles. But where has this trend come from?

While it’s easy to see why New York car sharing has picked up popularity for the economic and environmental benefits, sometimes it’s more difficult to see how classic cars could become a major trend. Restoring cars is expensive, right? And it’s tough to find good models in decent condition, isn’t it? It may not be as tough as you think – especially not with a revival in interest in these beauties of automotive history. You may be surprised at how beneficial these cars can be to their owners. Read on to find out how this classic trend highly benefits owners. Maybe it will alight your own spark of interest to use New York car sharing to take a trip to see a classic car exhibit.


Landing on Boardwalk: New York’s $1 Million Parking Spots

Empty parkingWe’ve all been there when playing Monopoly: you want the Boardwalk spot to gain the luxury and prestige – as well as the income – but whether or not you can afford it is a different story. Fortunately, with your New York car share service you won’t have to worry about paying for yearly Boardwalk parking. As one of the top 9 most expensive cities in the world in which to park, monthly rates can put car expenses through the roof.

New York’s million dollar parking spot just boosted parking spot prices even higher. Surprisingly, though, New York is the lowest on the list of most expensive places to park. After reading about these costly spots and cities, you’ll be thrilled to avoid annual parking fees in your New York car share service.


Protect Your Child From Forgetfulness: The Dangers of Cars and Heat

Luxury baby car seat for safety with happy kidAs a parent, you probably know about the ease with which forgetfulness and absentmindedness can arise. With so many things to remember, and multiple schedules to follow, it’s easy to get everything mixed up every once in a while. It may come as a shock to you, however, that experts are now saying that this absentmindedness can be the accidental killer of children in overheated or freezing cars. Despite popular belief, hypothermia related deaths are not always the consequence of malicious neglect or homicidal intentions.

Fortunately, there are precautions you can take to make sure you don’t have this problem when using your New York car share service. Learn more about these tragedies so that you can be an active player in preventing them from continuing. With 37 heat stroke related deaths each year of children being left in cars, and approximately 26 reported having occurred in 2014 alone, it’s time that community prevention begins. Read on to find out how you can contribute.


How Viable Are Electric Cars Really?

Hybrid carThe year 2014 has been an exciting time in the automobile industry, and it’s only about to get even more thrilling. The race is on to find the greenest, cleanest, most efficient vehicle possible. Electric cars have quickly become a buzzword, and car companies have slowly but surely started to pounce on it. But as with any new technology, electric cars have their fair share of skeptics who are working against this new stage in transportation progress.

At Carpingo New York car share service, we find this debate fascinating because the winner truly can decide which way the automobile industry will turn – biofuel, electric, traditional? It’s up in the air. But we know that something’s gotta give – there’s no question about the fact that traditional fuel supplies are no longer a viable option. Now, it’s a question of which alternative is viable. What new technology will make our New York car share service even greener? In this article, we pick up the question of electric cars, and ask ourselves, how viable are electric cars really?


Helping the Big Apple Stay Green with Your NYC Driving

Fresh Green Apple IllustrationPollution has become a major issue in a new environmentally conscious society. Keeping our planet clean has become the number 1 issue for many people, and rightfully so! At the forefront of this issue is the quest to find ways to make transportation more environmentally friendly. Fortunately, using a New York car share service is already a great step in the direction of being more environmentally conscious. If you want to boost your eco-friendly status, and help reduce the amount of emissions your New York car share service is giving off, here are couple of tips from Carpingo to help you driver greener and cleaner.

The benefits of car sharing

Car sharing, as mentioned, will already dramatically boost your eco-friendly status. Taking part in a New York car share service seriously reduces the number of cars on the road that are pumping out emissions. Car sharing is a great way to get the benefits of having a vehicle, without paying the exorbitant costs that come with it, while also reducing how large your carbon footprint is. Talk about a win-win situation!


If you’re taking out a New York car share service, why not share the convenience? Are you taking your car around for work, or other errands that friends could also have to do? Why not carpool? Talk to coworkers or friends who may need to engage in the same activities as you, and share the car with them. This can save you money, too, as they can pitch for the fees.


All Jammed Up – How to Make it Through Thanksgiving Congestion

Multi Generation Family Celebrating ThanksgivingThe best part about the holiday season is spending time with the family and eating delicious food. The worst part of the holidays is the crazy traffic that you have to face to get from one place to the next. Between congested traffic and weather-delayed flights, travel is akin to a nightmare for New York car sharing drivers. Year after year, Carpingo sees its New York car sharing clients struggle with the holiday travel obstacles, and this year we want to try easing the hassle.

We’ve come up with some travel tips to help you out, and have found out which spots in New York City are best avoided over Thanksgiving weekend. Of course, there’s no way to fully get around the traffic jams, but you can take steps to decrease ire while traveling.