Carpingo – New York car share community

Before driving off, please familiarize yourself with this Membership Agreement. By respecting your car and your fellow members, you’ll help keep rates low, cars available and maintenance completely free. Neglecting your membership responsibilities can incur penalties as described below.

NOTE: If you joined Carpingo through an exclusive onsite partnership, your terms may differ slightly. Please see your company’s Carpingo contact or email us directly at

Membership & Fees

As a Carpingo member you must have a valid driver’s license. During the course of your membership, we have the right to check the status of your license and obtain a copy of your driving record. Should the status of your license change during your membership term you are required to notify us. Should any of the following items occur, or should convictions arise during your Carpingo membership, you will no longer be eligible for membership and your membership will be revoked:

  • Your driver’s license was suspended or revoked
  • You received two or more moving violations or were involved in two or more accidents in the past three years
  • You were convicted during the past 24 months of reckless driving
  • You were convicted during the past seven years of driving while impaired, intoxicated or under the influence
  • You were convicted during the past 36 months of possessing a stolen vehicle, leaving the scene of an accident, or using a vehicle in the commission of a crime at any point

A nonrefundable $25 processing fee is charged for all membership applications.

Accounts that join with “1st Year Free” membership will be automatically charged $50 at the beginning of their second year. “1st Year Membership” is a limited promotion that may be changed or discontinued at any time without notice.

Reservations & Cancellations

You can reserve up to 30 minutes before your reservation time, for as little as one hour. We try to have multiple vehicles at each location but we do not guarantee availability at all times.

We always recommend reserving for a little longer than you think you’ll need. This will give you time to familiarize yourself with the car and inspect it for damage. Always consider driving conditions, traffic and parking at your destination as well as lines at a store or restaurant that can add a few minutes to your trip.

You can extend your reservation as long as your desired new timeslot is available. You can shorten your reservation up to 3 hours before your trip begins. After that, your account will be charged the full amount of your first reserved time. If you reserve less than 3 hours before your desired time, you may shorten it within 30 minutes at no charge.

You may cancel a reservation up to 3 hours before it begins. After that, your account will be charged the full amount, minus any portion booked by another member. If you reserve within 3 hours of your desired time, you may cancel within 30 minutes at no charge.

If you take the car more than 15 minutes before your reservation time, your account will be charged a $20 service fee.

Accident & Damage Liability

Your reservation includes personal injury liability insurance up to the NYS required standard of $25,000 per claimant up to $50,000 per claim, and property damage coverage up to $10,000 per claim.

ATTENTION: Carpingo purchases no third-party insurance covering this rental, but provides its renters and authorized drivers with minimum liability coverage, as required by the New York Vehicle and Traffic Law. Those coverages are: $25,000 per accident for bodily injury to one individual/$50,000 per accident for bodily injury to more than one individual; $50,000 per accident for the death of one individual/$100,000 per accident for the death of more than one individual; $10,000 per accident for injury to or destruction of property. In addition, to the extent required by law, Carpingo will defend the renter and authorized drivers from all claims of third parties alleging bodily injury, death or property damage arising out of the operation of the rental vehicle.

If a private vehicle is registered and insured in your name, its liability policy may insure you against larger claims made by third parties for injury, death or damage caused by your use of a Carpingo vehicle. Consult with your insurance broker about the coverage included in your private vehicle policy. If you do not have a vehicle registered in your name and would like coverage in excess of the limits offered by our policy, we recommend obtaining a personal liability policy from an insurance broker.

Drivers are responsible for any and all damage to Carpingo vehicles incurred during their reservation. Members may choose to purchase our optional Damage Deductible Waiver. Some credit and debit cards provide this coverage to customers who rent with their cards. You may also be covered by a personal automobile policy. Check your credit/debit card terms or contact your insurance company or broker to confirm coverage. The purchase of optional Damage Deductible Waiver is not required in order to rent a car and may duplicate coverage already provided by your personal automobile insurance or credit card coverage.

NOTICE: This contract offers, for an additional charge, optional vehicle protection to cover your financial responsibility for damage or loss to the rental vehicle. The purchase of optional vehicle protection is optional and may be declined. You are advised to carefully consider whether to purchase this protection if you have rental vehicle collision coverage provided by your credit card or automobile insurance policy. Before deciding whether to purchase optional vehicle protection, you may wish to determine whether your credit card or your vehicle insurance affords you coverage for damage to the rental vehicle and the amount of deductible under such coverage.

Perks & Penalties

Your paid Carpingo reservation includes free gas. A gas card is kept in your vehicle for your use. The card may only be used in the specific Carpingo car in which it is kept. If you use the Carpingo gas card for another vehicle, you will be responsible for all and any expenses incurred by Carpingo and you may have your membership revoked.

Your paid reservation includes 180 miles of free driving for every 24 period. Mileage over this is charged at 29¢ per mile.

You may receive free driving credits as a promotion or gift. Driving credits must be redeemed withing 30 days of being issued, after which time they expire.

Your reservation includes personal injury liability insurance up to the NYS required standard of $25,000 per claimant up to $50,000 per claim and property damage coverage up to $10,000 per claim.

If a private vehicle is registered and insured in your name, the liability policy associated with it may insure you against any collision damage incurred by the Carpingo vehicle. Consult with your insurance broker about the coverage included in your vehicle policy. Some credit/debit cards provide this to customers who rent with their cards. Drivers are responsible for any damage to a Carpingo vehicle during their reservation. Many drivers like the added security of an optional Damage Deductible Waiver, which exempts drivers from part or all damage fees. Some credit cards provide this to customers who rent with their credit cards. Check before buying extra insurance.

Some Carpingo cars are equipped with EZ Pass affixed to the windshield. The cost of EZ Pass usage is the standard cost of the toll plus a $1.25 per day surcharge. Fees incurred are your exclusive responsibility.

If minor vehicle damage occurs on your watch, tell us right away so we can try to resolve it with little cost to you. If you are in an accident, please call 9-1-1 right away for medical assistance and to file a police report. Then, download and complete this form and follow the instructions for submitting it.

In the event of a breakdown or problem with the vehicle, please call our 24-hour roadside service vendor. There is no charge for this service. If you are required to lay out money, Carpingo will reimburse a reasonable repair expense. Please be sure to save all receipts.

As a Carpingo member, you are responsible for any violations issued to a vehicle in your possession. Examples of these are parking tickets, red light camera violations, bus lane violations, tollbooth violations and speed camera violations. You are responsible for paying violations promptly upon receipt, whether from an issuing agent or a notice from the NYC Dept of Finance. If your car is ticketed by “candid camera” (e.g., for running a red light or a tollbooth), we’ll receive the ticket in the mail and send the charge to you. We charge a $20 fee to process the ticket.

If your membership card is lost or stolen during your reservation, call us right away at 888-604-4160. We’ll unlock the car remotely and activate a new card for you. If you are not in middle of a reservation, call us and we’ll deactivate the lost card and send a new one in the mail. There is a $15 processing fee for a new membership card.

5 Rules of the Road

Inspect the Car

If you notice any big scratches or dents, a bad smell or low fuel, call 888-604-4160 and tell us. We’ll know not to charge you for the damage. If you do not report the damage, you will be held responsible for fees and costs incurred for them.

Keep It Clean

Animals must be in carriers, excluding service animals used by members or passengers with disabilities. Food must be in containers. Take all wrappers, bottles, etc. with you when you end your reservation.

Do Not Smoke

As a courtesy to all of our members, smoking is not allowed in Carpingo cars. If you smell smoke when you get into the car, tell us right away!

Leave Gas

Leave at least 1/4 tank of gas when you end your reservation. If you are low, fill up at any gas station using the fuel card kept inside the car.

Return on Time

If you are running late, you may be able to extend your reservation! Follow the prompts on your car’s on-board display.

Fees for Neglecting Membership Responsibilities

Type of Problem Fee

Vehicle-related inconvenience that would delay/displace other members

Examples: trash, keys in ignition, open windows, seats not passenger ready, car improperly parked

$50 + costs incurred*
Pet hair in vehicle $100 + costs incurred
Smoking in vehicle $100 + costs incurred
Driving a car with no reservation, or driving the wrong car $50 + costs incurred
Roadside service due to member negligence $50 + costs incurred
Missing fuel card, parking pass/remote, key $50 + cost to replace
Vehicle returned anywhere other than its designated parking spot $50 + costs incurred
Failure to report damage, accident, theft $50 + costs incurred
Car left with less than ¼ tank of gas $25
Late return without extended reservation $25 per half hour + cost of additional time
maximum fee $150 for 24 hours beyond your reserved time
Unauthorized driver $250 + costs incurred + membership termination
Tampering with vehicle or equipment $250 + costs incurred + membership termination
Carpingo decal removal $100 + costs incurred
Lost membership card $15 replacement fee

Failure to return membership card upon closing account


*”Costs Incurred” include but are in no way limited to: costs to accommodate or relocate other members who have been displaced; cleaning costs; towing or storage costs; vehicle loss-of-use time; relocating vehicle; repairing vehicle; third-party fees due to member negligence; parking or traffic violations; parking lot or garage fees; damaged or missing property replacement. Taxes apply.