Girl driving a car

CARPINGO CARS ARE shared by many drivers. We depend on one another to keep them SAFE, CLEAN AND BEAUTIFUL!

By respecting your car and your fellow members, you can help keep rates low, cars available and maintenance completely free!

Before driving off, please familiarize yourself with these 5 Rules of the Road.

Inspect the Car
If you notice any big scratches or dents, a bad smell or low fuel, call 888-604-4160 and tell us. We’ll know not to charge you for the damage.
Keep It Clean
Animals must be in carriers and food in containers. Take all wrappers, bottles, etc. with you when you end your reservation.
Do Not Smoke
As a courtesy to all of our members, smoking is not allowed in Carpingo cars. If you smell smoke when you get into the car, tell us right away!
Leave Gas
Leave at least 1/4 tank of gas when you end your reservation. If you are low, fill up at any gas station using the fuel card kept inside the car.
Return on Time
If you are running late, you may be able to extend your reservation! Follow the prompts on your car’s on-board display. Late returns will be charged a late fee.