Business man driving car

Carpingo™ for Business gives you more driving, from more places, at better rates!

In today’s business climate, smart companies are finding ways to reduce travel costs. Here are some ways we can help your business:

Fleet freedom:

Carpingo™ is a Cariffic™ way to avoid the costs of owning a fleet by using cars when you need them, without the costs of maintenance, gas, insurance or parking.

Ready when you are:

Need a car right now, and just for one meeting? No more clumsy rentals and after-hour returns. Rent by the hour and return the car to a reserved Carpingo™ parking space at any time.

Right where you are:

Our extensive fleet of sleek business and delivery vehicles is available 24/7 and accessible wherever you are—near offices, department stores and in condo garages.

Cost analysis:

Detailed reports of your account usage help you determine each employee’s driving routine. This will allow you to add drivers strategically, for the efficiency and growth of your company.

Savings at work:

With rates starting at just $6.50 an hour, Carpingo™ can make a real difference to your company’s bottom line. Join our specialized business plan for just $50 a year, and add drivers for $15 each.

Savings after work:

You can use your business account—and its lower rates—for your personal driving needs! Expect hundreds of dollars in savings every year vs. owning or renting a car.

Plan Includes Rate Costs


Add drivers for just $15

Gas, insurance, 180 miles a day Weekdays from just


Join for $50 per year; no monthly commitment;
$25 application fee