A New York Car Share Community Based in Brooklyn

car-shareWe New Yorkers spend a lot of time and money not going places. Due in part to outrageous gas prices and a lack of parking, owning a car in this city can be as difficult as not having one at all.

But what about those times we just need a car or van? (Ever lugged your couch onto the 3 train?)

Welcome to Carpingo™

Carpingo is the freedom of a car only when you need it. It was started by the president of AllCar rent-a-car™, to fuse the personality, responsibility and ease of a car share community with the efficiency and availability of a traditional rental company.

Welcome to Carvenient™

We’re committed to convenience and enjoyment in the member experience. By sharing Carpingo cars, members have more access, making driving cheaper, adding fun to your trip and actually taking cars off the road for a cleaner city with every outing!

Welcome to Carmmunity™

We know how you drive and where you want to go. That’s why we partner with Brooklyn businesses to bring you exclusive deals and information and stream relevant local updates right on our homepage! One more way to bring this great town a little closer together.

We look forward to sharing cars with you soon!

Carpingo™ is the freedom of a car only when you need it.

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